3 Tips for Choosing a Pro-Life Charity

Are you wanting to support a pro-life charity but not sure where to begin? Or maybe you are passionate about the pro-life cause, but you see an even greater need to get involved. Today is a great time to join the pro-life movement. Lives are depending on it.

There are so many great pro-life charities to support that truly impact our cities, nation, and around the world. Pro-life pregnancy centers are on the frontlines, caring for new mothers and fathers every day and saving babies. Without donors and volunteers, centers cannot do what they do. Your partnership gives hope and helps women in need. The fight for life is a challenging one, but one worthy of investing in. Life is precious.

1. Get To Know The Mission

While there are countless pro-life charities you can support, understanding their mission can help you create a connection. Get to know the ‘WHY’ of the pro-life charity you would like to help. A story can change the way you see everything. Hearing stories behind how each pro-life charity began is worth taking the time to get to know.

Serving over 30 years, our heart at Soundview Pregnancy Services has always been about serving our community. Our medical pregnancy center started from the heart of a pastor who didn’t feel like it was enough to say abortion was wrong. He believed we needed to be willing to do something about it and offer women alternatives. Not only do we support women and families with medical services and education on their options, but we train our staff to be confident in sharing the gospel. We are invested in LIFE.

2. Learn How You Can Make An Impact

Next, get involved. The only way forward in this fight for life is to come together and support one another. While some people want to be on the frontlines and volunteer their time, not everyone can do so. That’s ok. Donations are another huge way to get involved and invest in the amazing work of pro-life charities. Your giving can directly impact a woman, child, and their family. You get the opportunity to be a part of saving lives.

Some easy ways to get involved are:

1. Give financially

The abortion industry receives a massive $520 million in funding from the government alone. With that, they also receive private donations around the same amount! To truly impact our culture, it takes finances. Your financial gifts keep the pro-life movement growing and support their clients and team. Even a small amount can go a long way and help a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

2. Volunteer your time

Many centers rely on their volunteers every week or month. Your skills and passions could be used to impact your city significantly. Volunteering also connects you to like-minded people going after the same mission.  You can contact your local pregnancy center to find out what types of opportunities are available that match your skills and availability.

3. Pray

Prayer changes things. God has given us the call to pray for others and see the lives of the unborn protected and cherished. We have the privilege of giving our time in prayer for the unborn and every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. There is power in our prayers, and it can transform hearts and save lives.

3. Reach Out

Your next step is to reach out! Don’t be afraid to give your local pregnancy center a call to learn how to get involved. Bring along others interested in getting involved and learn what their needs are. We still have a lot of work to do in the pro-life movement, and you can be a part of this life-giving cause. There is no pressure to decide on a pro-life charity right away, but reaching out can give you the clarity you need to choose which charity you’d like to help.

If you would like to learn more about our mission and needs at Soundview Pregnancy Services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team would love to talk and share our hearts with you about our center and our current needs.

You can donate today & learn more about our volunteer opportunities. We can’t wait to connect with you.

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