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Partnering to Bring Hope and Life to Long Island

The church is God’s chosen vessel to reach out to those who are lost, hurting, and without hope. Sadly, the tragedy of abortion is no stranger to those within the church. It is estimated that nearly one out of four women who regularly attend church have had an abortion in their past, many of whom remain silent under the shame and guilt of their past decisions.

With so many wounded and vulnerable, there has to be a safe place for men and women to find the help and the healing they need. Soundview partners with local churches to help them begin the conversation about the truth of abortion, to reach those who have experienced an abortion in their past or who may be vulnerable to one in the future. Our Post Abortive Recovery team has regular support group sessions throughout the year that are private and bring hope and healing to women who experienced the pain of abortion in their past.

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New York State is ranked #2 in the nation for abortion

Abortions Performed in NYS in 2019
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