What are the Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms?

Do you think you may be pregnant but aren’t sure what signs to be on the lookout for? Soundview Pregnancy Services is here to help you!

Here are the top 5 symptoms you may be experiencing: 

  1. A Missed Period 

For women who experience regular menstrual cycles, a missed period may be the first noticeable symptom of pregnancy. 

     2. Nausea 

Some women experience pregnancy-related nausea as the body undergoes an influx of hormones in the first trimester of pregnancy. While this condition is often referred to as “morning sickness,” it may be experienced at any hour of the day.

In addition to general nausea, many women report unusual aversions to tastes and smells while pregnant. 

     3. Spotting and Cramping

Often confused as period symptoms, some women experience spotting and cramping in early pregnancy days and weeks. 

     4. Exhaustion

Pregnancy brings about high levels of hormones meant to support and help the pregnancy grow. These hormones can lead to extreme exhaustion and fatigue. It’s important to give yourself permission to rest throughout pregnancy. 

     5. Breast sensitivity

Many pregnant women experience breast sensitivity, tenderness, and swelling. This early pregnancy symptom is also caused by an influx of hormones as the body readies itself to care for and nourish a baby. 

Are you experiencing one or more of these pregnancy symptoms? If you think you may be pregnant, we recommend scheduling an appointment for free pregnancy testing at Soundview Pregnancy Services.

Our tests are medical grade and confidential. One of our qualified medical providers will go over your results helping you explore the next steps.

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