The Pro-Life Movement After Roe

Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court Decision Roe v. Wade was handed down. The abortion industry has ended the lives of 63 million children since that decision. Today, we now reside in a country where abortion is no longer recognized as a constitutional right. 

As we reflect back on half a century of violence and indescribable devastation, we look forward to a brighter future. The right to abortion is now decided by the states.

The abortion industry remains alive and well, but the overturning of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision is a significant step in the right direction. Fifty years of prayer have been answered. 

We have a reason to praise. And yet, we still have a reason to pray and a reason to continue our efforts to end abortion in America and beyond.

Will More Children Be Saved After the Roe Reversal?

Despite the efforts of many pro-choice advocates and legislators, children will live from the Roe v. Wade reversal. This fact is a reason to celebrate.

In the coming weeks and months, there will be many state decisions on the legality and access of abortion. States are weighing out when abortion should be legal and under which circumstances.

Unfortunately, the state of New York has been insistent on maintaining abortion access. Throughout the state, women are able to obtain an abortion up until the point of viability, or after viability if the mother’s life is in danger.

There continues to be hundreds of thousands of innocent lives at risk each year throughout the state. As ambassadors of Christ who value the gift of life, we must continue to fight for those at risk. Though we live in a noisy, chaotic hour, there are major wins for the Sanctity of Life Movement. Let us pray that the state of New York will be filled with people who see the indescribable value of human life.

The Needs of the Pro-Life Movement After Roe

With a transformational change in federal and state law, there are unique challenges and needs that are present in the pro-life movement.

First, there is a need for prayer. Because the state of New York is insistent on maintaining abortion access, it is highly likely that our state will be a destination for those looking to travel to obtain their abortion.

For women who live in states where abortion is difficult to obtain, they may be drawn to travel outside of state lines to obtain an abortion. Please join us in prayer for those women, and more specifically, pray that if any women travel to our area to obtain an abortion, they would choose to make an appointment with Soundview. We want to welcome those participating in abortion tourism with open arms and equip them with resources and confidence to choose life amid their difficult circumstances.

Additionally, our center is in need of financial support. We desire to reach as many women and men as possible who would benefit from our services. We want to offer services that bring hope, light, and life to each individual that we interact with. In order to increase our reach digitally and non-digitally, we need donor support.

Partner With Us

Because we live in a state that celebrates abortion, we continue to have a deeper need for partnership with donors in our community. 

There are countless women traveling to our state to obtain abortions, and with your partnership, we can invite her to Soundview.

Would you consider becoming a monthly donor to join in our efforts to bring hope, light, and life to the individuals facing unexpected pregnancies in New York and elsewhere?

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