Life Culture

Soundview Pregnancy Services exists to uphold the sanctity of life, and our mission and vision are centered on the belief that we can build a culture of life for the next generation.

How do we build a culture of life? We envision a culture that joyfully proclaims the truth of God’s love, purpose, and plans for each person. Changing the culture is a process of conversion that begins in our hearts and includes a willingness to be instructed and a desire to be close to Jesus—the source of joy and love.

We believe we can each do something to promote a culture of life in our own circles of influence. By just choosing to do one new thing at a time, we can start making change for the better – to build a culture of life, where each person, no matter how small or old, is given the dignity they deserve.

The Life Culture Blog will bring helpful resources and share content that will help shape our beliefs and commitments to promote values that uphold the dignity and respect of all persons. We will also discuss family values and other ethical considerations relating to our times’ cultural and societal issues.

It is our hope and prayer that as we join together and make a contribution to building a culture of life, we will have an impact on the next generation. Let’s invest in the future by adding value to others. Let us be those who bring life, hope, and healing to so many who need to know they are loved and valued. And let’s not be afraid. God is always with us.

Doreen Jansson
Executive Director
Soundview Pregnancy Services

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