How to Help Pregnant Mothers After the Overturning of Roe v Wade

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the topic of abortion and the sanctity of human life has filled the headlines. People are engaging with the topic of abortion more than ever, and it is clear there is great division.

We are absolutely thrilled by the Dobbs decision that overturned the unjust and unconstitutional Roe decision. The United States lived under fifty long years of suffering and injustice. Today, the injustice of abortion continues to harm our society, but the recent strides this nation has made in protecting life give us hope for a great future.

If you are someone who is dedicated to protecting life, we want to encourage you now more than ever to jump into action. Our state of New York, which many of us love so much, promotes violence in the womb. As we live in a place that celebrates the ending of innocent life, may we be lights in the darkness.

If you want to see life protected and women empowered, we are asking you to do these three things: pray, give, and raise awareness.

Pray to End Abortion

We believe that prayer changes things. Throughout history, we have witnessed God move in ways that only He could move, and he did so in response to prayer. Martin Luther King Jr., perhaps the most influential leader throughout the civil rights movement, uttered these words unto the Lord in the height of profound injustice: 

“O God, we thank Thee for Thy Church, founded upon Thy Word, that challenges us to do more than sing and pray, but go out and work as though the very answer to our prayers depended on us and not upon Thee… Help us to realize that man was created to shine like the stars and live on through all eternity. Keep us, we pray, in perfect peace, help us to walk together, pray together, sing together, and live together until that day when all God’s children, Black, White, Red, and Yellow, will rejoice in one common band of humanity in the kingdom of our Lord and of our God, we pray. Amen.”

May we pray in the same manner today. May we pray over the injustice toward the unborn in our hour. Prayer changes things.

Give to End Abortion

When you give to Soundview, you are empowering us to connect with the women in our community who are contemplating abortion in the present moment. Your gift does more than simply keep the lights on. Your gift empowers and uplifts the abortion-minded woman.

At Soundview, we are in need of more partnerships. During a time when women hold more fear during their unexpected pregnancies than ever, we want to be a lighthouse of hope. New York is seen as a destination state for women desiring an abortion. If a woman wants to travel from out of state to New York, we want her to walk through our doors.  We want to offer her empowering resources that bring hope, light, and life.

Thank You For Raising Awareness

One of our favorite things about our donor base is the commitment you have to raising awareness about Soundview and the sanctity of human life movement. Thank you for your support and commitment to sharing our mission with those you love.

We are in a time where words are warranted, but action is necessary. Women in our state and out of our state need our services. Thousands of lives are at risk, and we can partner with heaven to bring hope, light, and life to this world.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting life.

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