How to Convince Others to Give to Pro-Life Organizations

When you have a burden to see America protect all life, you want to influence those around you to join you in the fight. Of course, you know that one of the best ways to fight on behalf of the unborn is to give to pro-life organizations, such as Soundview Pregnancy Services.

Perhaps you want to encourage those around you to become donors to a pro-life organization, but you don’t know how to have the right conversations. To convince others to give to the sanctity of life, here are three practical things you can begin to implement into your conversations: tell your story, share an accurate picture of the organization’s vision, and invite them to an event.

Tell Your Story

Perhaps you do not have experience with facing an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, or perhaps you do. Either way, you likely know of someone close to you who has been in this position.

Whether an unexpected pregnancy is tethered to your story or not, you have a story to tell. Your story is a story of God’s faithfulness throughout your life, and God’s transformation in your life has changed the way you see the world.

Because of Christ, your heart breaks for what breaks His. The corpus of scripture contains a thread of life-affirming narratives that paint a clear picture of how God sees the unborn. God sees life in the womb as immeasurably valuable, unique, and His own masterpiece.

When you want to share with others about the organizations that you love, talk about how Jesus has changed your life. Share about your own experiences dealing with unexpected pregnancies of your own or your loved ones. Share about how His desires have now become your desires, and your renewed mind and heart long to see life valued throughout America and the world.

Share the Vision

To effectively communicate the mission of your favorite pro-life organization, it is imperative to accurately communicate its vision. When people can see the potential output of their donations, they will be more likely to give.

A vision statement is designed to paint a picture of what the world would look like if the organization accomplishes its mission. It is the desired output of the labor. When people catch the vision, they will want to support the mission.

Invite Them to an Event

One of the best ways for individuals to deeply understand an organization and feel connected to them is by experiencing its culture through its events. A simple invitation to an event could be the difference between someone giving a large sum toward the cause of life, or giving it elsewhere.  As a matter of fact, why not ask them to sponsor you at our upcoming Walk for Life on May 14th?  You can find out more about our Walk for Life by going to our website at  

When someone can hear directly from the organization, they can begin to trust the leadership. When they trust the leadership, they will want to sow faithfully and consistently for years to come. At Soundview, we want to build long-lasting partnerships with our donors that stretch beyond a financial relationship. We want to have committed pro-life people in our corner, praying for us regularly, and join us in building a culture of life for the next generation.

Thank You For Your Partnership

We want to specifically thank YOU for your partnership with Soundview and your commitment to seeing abortion as an unnecessary and unwanted option in our world. Soundview could not serve the women, men, and children in our community without you. Our appreciation cannot be overstated.

We ask that you prayerfully share with your friends about the work that Soundview is doing. We want to build a wider, deeper relationship with pro-life families. Would you bridge the gap?

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