Why Pregnancy Centers Need Your Support

Many false articles have been written in New York publications about pregnancy centers. They’ve been called “fake abortion clinics,” “a scam,” “dishonest,” and “deceptive.”  The truth is, there are a number of reasons why pregnancy centers need your support.

Even organizations such as New York’s “Pro-Truth” were developed with the sheer purpose of discrediting the work of New York pregnancy centers. 

Big Business

As you know, the abortion industry is big business. Although abortion clinics are barred from receiving federal tax dollars for abortion, New York abortion providers receive reimbursements for their services from federal health care programs like Medicaid. 

In addition, New York state tax funds of $15 million were given to abortion providers in 2019. For the same year, The Heritage Foundation reported the excess revenue for the largest abortion provider came to $110 million.

If Not You, Then Who? 

Pregnancy centers across the nation are in a David vs. Goliath battle. If it isn’t major news articles calling them “fake,” then it’s elected officials reversing pro-life legislation, or celebrities deciding to participate in a #ShoutYourAbortion campaign.

When news articles tout pregnancy centers as deceptive and dishonest, ask yourself who is it that’s handing out strollers, car seats, formula, and diapers for free? Pregnancy centers never promote themselves as abortion clinics, yet they’re called “fake.” 

You Can Make A Difference

There is no “excess” funding of pregnancy centers. By supporting Soundview Pregnancy Services, you join us on the front line of the battle against the mighty abortion industry. We receive no federal or state funding for any of our services. We operate strictly on the donations of businesses, churches, and individuals like you.

If financial gifts aren’t possible, volunteer at the center. Or, use your influence to change the political scene and work to have pro-life mayors, governors, senators, and representatives put in office. 

Saving Lives One Woman At A Time

In today’s American climate, we tend to shrink back if our beliefs go against popular culture. By not speaking up, the citizens of New York believe everyone agrees with the purpose of abortion clinics.

By investing in Soundview Pregnancy Services, you give a mother hope and a child a future. Why do pregnancy centers need your support? Because we cannot fight this battle alone. Stand with us on the frontline today. Donate to Soundview Pregnancy Services.

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