3 Benefits of Our Parenting Program

Everyone thinks they have good parenting skills until they become a parent. Now, imagine parenting as a teenager or a woman who has no physical or emotional support. Parenting, no matter how old or how educated you are, is a challenging job. It comes with incredible frustration, but amazing rewards.

In an effort to help our clients make healthy choices, we’ve put together a list of courses available to them for free. The benefits are immeasurable, but here are three we’re most excited about:

1. Options Education

When a woman, young couple, or an already exhausted mom discovers their unplanned pregnancy, we want to show them they have options. In a frightened state, some women assume their only choice is abortion.

Our client advocates talk about 3 options, abortion, adoption, and parenting. We truthfully explain the procedures, side effects, and possible risks of abortion. If they say they don’t want an abortion but are incapable of raising a child, we talk to them about adoption. Finally, we show them the many resources and social services available to them should they choose to parent.

No matter what the woman chooses, we encourage her to consider the consequences and what her decision will mean for the future. First and foremost, we offer love, acceptance, and support in a non-judgmental, safe environment.

2. Advocate-led Education

Learning to make wise choices in life doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes making the wrong decision becomes a life lesson. This is the case with most unplanned pregnancies. 

Not only do the classes teach women about their pregnancies, but they also give them beneficial life skills. We want to offer them the opportunity to be successful in every area of their lives.

3. Nurse-led Education

A medical perspective makes all the difference in having a healthy pregnancy and feeling confident. Our RNs are certified in Health Education and Childbirth Education. They help our clients understand the importance of taking care of their bodies and instruct a new mother on the special needs of newborns.

Here’s a sample of our nurse-led courses:

  • Pregnancy Basics
  • Exercise and Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • Childbirth Education
  • Birth Planning Consultation
  • Newborn Care
  • Newborn Care for Moms and Dads
  • Breastfeeding 101
  • Infant CPR

By learning what to expect physically, as well as mentally, a new mom is comforted and prepared. 

Other Programs

In addition to our educational courses, we also offer a parenting program called New to 2. This program trains a new mother or young couple through two full years of parenting. Members receive special consultations with a nurse, social work consultations, and even the opportunity to work with a lactation specialist.

We also offer Next Step Dads. This program includes a team of men coaching young men to be successful fathers. The courses provide practical resources to help a new dad take the next step to a better life for himself and his family. Men receive financial and career guidance, family and marriage guidance, and parenting training. 

Your Gifts Make It All Possible

It’s your generous donations and the kindness of volunteers that allow us to offer these classes free of charge. Your gifts literally impact generations of families. Thank you.

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